Our team has mastery when it comes to solving your PC Woes. If your computer needs or has software upgrade, hardware upgrade, smps problem, DVD writer problem, CPU fan problem, Motherboard issue, USB issue, soundcard issue, display errors, driver problems or pretty much anything, we are the people to count on for Desktop Repair.

Data Recovery


Failing hard drives are a typical issue nowadays, however more often than not information recuperation is conceivable. We can offer standard information recuperation benefits in house at extraordinary costs contrasted with the competition..We recoups individual and business basic information lost because of unplanned erasure, drive organizing, mechanical drive disappointment, plate making clicking sounds, infection assault, surge, fire, control surge or even damage. We recuperate information from hard-plate drives organized on Windows, Mac and other operating systems.

Data Backup and Restore

Hard drive backup is a periodical process and must be performed without fail. During a hard drive crash, you may go ahead with recovering/ restoring a previously backed up file. But if you need an expert to help you safely restore all your valuable files and bring the laptop to its original state, you can book a case for data backup and recovery services.

Motherboard Issue

RAM / Memory Issue

Hard Drive Issue

CPU Issue

Video Card Issue

Power Supply Issue